“Negativity destroys performance, so it is crucial to train to move from witnessing negative thoughts to starving them and feeding the positive. This is the specific process: I. Witness negativity. II. Interdict, or stop, the negative thoughts with a power statement. III. Redirect your mind with self-talk and imagery to something positive and productive […]

For the Love of Fitness

Join us this February at GetFit Boot Camp for heart pumping workouts! Now is the time to focus on your love of fitness and health, reflect on the goals you set last month and recommit to achieving them. Let us help you stay motivated and focused this month with our daily emails, heart healthy recipes […]

2015 SMART Goals

  If you want change in 2015, I suggest you set goals. While I don’t think you should wait until the New Year to set goals, I do think this is one of the best times of year to reflect on everything you did right as well as everything you did wrong and set specific […]

Go All In With the Advocare 24 Day Challenge

Go All-In with the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge Challenge begins January 7 Pre-order by noon EST on December 31  to receive:   A free limited edition blender bottle and wristband* Free Coaching and Support from Team Radosta Free Daily Nutrition Guide Free Apps for iPhone and Android All 24-Day Challenge pre-orders placed between December 17 through […]

Turkey Trot to the Table Thanksgiving Day

Receive your very own 2014 Team Radosta Turkey Trot Badge by completing a minimum 2.2 mile run and 30 Burpees on Thanksgiving Day. Click here to Claim your Badge and to share with your friends and family. It’s only fair to share…FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+emailTumblrLinkedin

Why Watch the Spartan OCR World Championship?

The final episode in the Spartan Race series is coming to you this Sunday, November 16 at 3pm on NBC. Tune in and Spartan UP! Obstacles in the Spartan race — wire crawls, rope climbs, mud pits, stone carries, — have been replicated elsewhere, but the air of competitiveness that Spartan Race attracts is singular. […]

Free GetFit BootCamp Saturday

Free GetFit Boot Camp is a fitness program for men and women of all ages and fitness levels that want to reduce body fat, increase strength, endurance, and energy! We provide an encouraging atmosphere where emphasis is placed on exercising safely, having fun, and completing the workout. Our program includes nutritional coaching, support and motivation […]

The Importance of Sleep

[kad_youtube url=”” ] One of the biggest problems is trying to get people to value sleep The biggest excuse is that they have no time One of the most intelligent people that I know – Peter Attia – was severely sleep deprived. So much so that on returning from work, he pulled the car over […]

Commit to Stay Fit Through the Holiday’s

Make a commitment to stay healthy this holiday season…enroll now for GETFIT boot camp! The benefits of staying committed to your fitness and health through the holidays go beyond combatting the typical holiday weight gain. Exercise and eating healthy helps fight stress, boosts your immune system, improves your mood! The best gift you can give […]

Free Get Fit Boot Camp at SSSE

GetFit Boot Camp is a fun, energetic mix of traditional callisthenic & body weight resistance exercises – infused with interval & strength training in every workout. It also includes various forms of interval training that involves bursts of high-intensity work. The workouts are scalable for all fitness levels, from the beginner to someone in their […]